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What's the lithium battery recycling technology?

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According to analysis, the average lithium ion battery contains 12% -18% cobalt, 1.2% -1.8% lithium, 8% -10% copper, 4% - 8% aluminum, and 30% shell alloy. However, due to technical and economic reasons, the current recovery rate of lithium batteries is very low. A large number of waste lithium batteries are abandoned, which poses a huge threat and pollution to the environment. What is the lithium battery recycling technology?

lithium battery recycling machine Lithium battery recycling machine

The introduction of the lithium battery recycling technology:

1. Cut the anode material of the disused waste lithium battery into a sheet, and then put it into a hammer crusher to hammer and vibrate the carbon powder and acetylene black powder adhered to the surface of the negative electrode copper foil.

2. Set a sieve plate at the lower part of the rotor of the hammer crusher, and crush the negative particles smaller than the aperture of the sieve plate by hammering through the small hole of the sieve plate and fall into the screening equipment below.

lithium battery recycling machine The waste lithium batteries

3. The anode material with a size larger than the aperture of the sieve plate is crushed by the hammer in the hammer crusher until the size is smaller than the aperture of the sieve plate.

4. The crushed particles falling into the sieving equipment utilize the size difference and shape difference between the particles to vibrate and sieve to separate the metallic copper from the non-metallic carbon powder and acetylene black powder after the hammer vibration peels off.

lithium battery recycling machine Products separated from waste lithuim batteries

The lithium battery recycling technology has achieved industrial automation, high recycling efficiency and strong processing capacity. The recycling rate of valuable components of waste lithium batteries has reached more than 90%, and the entire production process will not produce any secondary pollution.

The separated copper, aluminum, lithium cobalt oxide and graphite powder from waste lithuim batteries can be sold directly, or new products can be manufactured. If you have any questions about the lithium battery recycling machine technology, you can call us directly, our professional staff will give you a satisfactory answer.

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