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How can turn the copper wires to be treasure?

Date:Oct 14, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

There are many waste copper wires in our daily life, such as waste square line, waste car lines, waste motor line, etc. As we all know, garbage is a misplaced resource. Well, how to turn the copper wires to be treasure? The solving way is to separate copper and plastic from the waste copper wires.

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

In the early time, people burned the copper wire to get copper, but this way will have great pollution of our environment. With the progress of the technology, copper wire recycling machine came out. The copper wire recycling machine uses physical separating way to get copper and plastic separated. The main process is crushing and separating. Firstly, putting the copper wires into crusher, after crushing, the copper and plastic will become small particles. And then, the copper and plastic particles will be transferred into air separator or electrostatic separator. Then the copper and plastic will be separated with the purity of 99%. Besides, the separating way uses no fire or chemicals, which won't damage the quality of copper and plastic. Therefore, the high purity and good quality copper will bring high profit to us.

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

Well, how dose separated copper and plastic bring profit to us? As we all know, copper is a recyclable metal. We can make the copper into other things, like precision instruments, ship parts, gun shells, faucets, etc, and then we can sell them in the local market. Or, you can sell the separated copper directly in the metal trading market, which can be sold to $8,680 now. As for the plastic, it can be made into the flowerpot, medical blister packs, and other things. All of them can bring profit to us.

Recycling business is hot all over the world. If you are interested in copper wire recycling business, and want to get profit from copper wire recycling, welcome to contact us. We will give you suitable copper wire recycling machine with proper processing capacity.

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