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How are e-waste materials reclaimed and recycled?

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According to a joint report published by the United Nations agencies, the world now generates about 50 million tons of e-waste each year. It is urgent for us to solve this problem, or it will affect the environment we live in. If we can recycle e-waste materials reasonably, it can become huge wealth. So how are e-waste materials reclaimed and recycled?

There are copper cables or wires, PCB board, electronics components, plastics and others in e-waste materials, which all have high value of reusing. In the recycling industry, physical separation method is knows as the most effective and reasonable means to reclaim and recycle resin&fiber, copper and other nonferrous metals. So, here I will introduce two kinds of e-waste materials recycling machine.

1. Copper cable wire granulator machine

copper cable wire granulator machineCopper cable wire granulator machine

Copper cable wire granulator machine is mainly used for separating copper and plastic from the scrap copper wires and cables. The main process includes shredding, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. But different wires need different processes. About that, our engineer can customize process based on the actual situations of clients.

2. PCB board recycling machine

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

PCB board recycling machine can easily separate precious metals and resin fiber from scrap PCB board, through shredding, crushing, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation. If your raw materials are PCB board with electronics components, you also need PCB dismantling machine to remove electronics components.

e waste recycling machineE-waste materials recycling machine

These two kinds of machine have high separation rate, you can get pure copper, plastic, mixed metals and resin fiber, which can all be sold at high price. The price of copper in the market is more than 8,680 dollars, and plastic's price in the market is 580$. Mixed metal can be sold to corresponding plant like metal refining plant. Resin fiber can be sold to make stool, floor and whatsoever.

So, if you want to know more about these two machines, you can contact us. We are Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, specially producing metal and non-metals separation machine for recycling different kinds of waste. Guarantee machine quality and no environmental problem. Doing welcome you to inspect!

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