What is the procedure of e waste recycling?

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The general procedure of e waste recycling is collecting, separating and recycling for sale. Here is a short overview of the procedure of e waste recycling:

Step one: Collecting and Sorting

This is the first step of the procedure of e waste recycling. Typically, the first step in the procedure of e waste recycling is manual sorting. Once the e waste has been collected and transported to the recycling facility, workers sort it into categories based on the type and model of e-waste. All electronic devices will then be examined, and the parts of them that are still functional will be extracted for reuse; they can either be sold as individual parts or combined into a new phone or computer. The non-functional e-waste left behind will be sent for recycling.

Step two: Dismantling and Shredding

Next, the procedure of e waste recycling is must first go through a process called dismantling, which refers to the action of disassembling a product into components. This step of the procedure of e waste recycling is to remove all the potentially hazardous materials in electronic devices that will destroy the machine or contaminate the environment once disposed into landfills. E waste is then shredded into small pieces. Most electronics are a mix of materials, and breaking items down into pieces that measure just a few centimeters means they can be separated mechanically.

e waste recycling machineDismantling

Step three: Mechanical Separation

In this step of the procedure of e waste recycling, the shredded e-waste is passed under a giant magnet, which is able to pull ferrous metals such as iron and steel from the mix of waste. In addition to this, an eddy current may also be used, separating the nonferrous metals. These materials can then be diverted to dedicated recycling plants for smelting. Other materials such as metal-embedded plastic and circuit boards are also separated at this stage.

Step Four: Recycling for sale

The final step of the procedure of e waste recycling is preparing recycled materials for sale. We can sell the metals and plastics from e waste directly.

These are the general steps about the procedure of e waste recycling. However, if you just want to recycle PCB board from e waste, you can use e waste recycling machine.

e waste recycling machineE waste recycling machine

As the most advanced technology now to process the PCB board, e waste recycling machine has got more and more people's love all over the world. DOING e waste recycling machine procedure is general like following:

1.Shredding: It's the pre-process of PCB board.

2.Crushing will crush the PCB board after shredding into smaller pieces.

3.Secondary crushing will further crush the PCB board and make the metals and nonmetals crushing separately here.

e waste recycling machineProcedure

4.Air separation will separate most metals from the nonmetals.

5.Electrostatic separation will further separate the thin metals from the nonmetals, thus to get the final separation rate of 99%.

Through above procedure, we can see, the whole process of DOING e waste recycling machine to deal with the PCB board is based on physical and dry type separation, so it's totally an environmental friendly machine and there is no pollution produced. And furthermore, the e waste recycling machine is working automatically, so it has high efficiency too.

So if you also have interest in e waste recycling machine, welcome to contact our DOING Company for more information of the machine and industry here!

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