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E-waste PCB boards recycling process steps

Date:Jan 07, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

For the special physical characteristics of E-waste PCB boards, our Doing Company designed a complete line to process E-waste PCB boards. If you are interested in it, you can learn about the E-waste PCB boards recycling process steps used in DOING PCB boards recycling machine.

DOING PCB boards recycling machine adopts the dry-type grinding and separating technique to recycle PCB boards and get metals and resin fibers. The E-waste PCB boards recycling process steps are as following.

1. Dismanlting

If your raw material is waste PCB boards with electronic components, the electronic components dismanlting machine is necessary for you. You only need put waste PCB boards into electronic components dismanlting machine, and press the button, then the machine will start to work. After heating and rotating, the electronic components will drop from PCB boards. You will get PCB boards without electronic components, which can be further processed by PCB boards recycling machine.

pcb dismanlting machineElectronic components dismanlting machine

2. Shredding

The PCB boards will be shredded into small pieces from 2 to 5 cm by shredder machine, then these small pieces will be transported to crusher machine through a belt conveyor.

3. Removing iron

upon the belt conveyor, there will be a magnetic separator, which can remove iron easily.

4. Crushing

Crusher machine will make PCB boards pieces become smaller and smaller, around 4 mm.

pcb boards recycling machineDOING PCB boards recycling machine

5. Screening

It will use eddy-vibrating screen, which can control the size of PCB boards strictly. If there are some particles bigger than 4mm, they will return into eddy-vibrating screen for second crushing. And then small particles will be transported into air separator through the wind system.

6. Separating

This is the most important part of the whole line, which determines how the separating rate of the PCB boards recycling machine is. DOING PCB boards recycling machine adopts combination of pneumatic separator and electrostatic separator, using different separating principles to make sure the separating rate reach to above 99%.

Besides, in order to qualified the requirement of environmental protection, DOING PCB boards recycling machine equips cyclone dust collector and pulse dust collector, which can efficiently prevent the dust pollution.

Are you interested in our PCB boards recycling machine? It can help you get metals, resin fiber powder from different kinds of PCB boards, such as, waste computer boards, waste cell phone boards, waste TV boards, pcb scrap, etc. If you have enough PCB boards to process by machine, please contact us for obtaining free quotation of PCB boards recycling machine.

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