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How does PCB recycling machine work?

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As we know there are many metals inside PCB boards such as copper, gold, silver, tin, palladium,etc. PCB recycling machine can turn waste PCB boards into wealth. How does PCB recycling machine works?

PCB recycling machine adopt physical way to separate metals and resin fiber. The general working processof PCB recycling machine includes shredding, crushing, eddy vibrating screen, air separation and electrostatic separation. Pulse dust collector is equipped with PCB recycling machine to collect dust during working process. So It is an environment friendly machine. Let’s see how PCB recycling machine works step by step.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine working process

Firstly, Input PCB boards into double shaft shredder, it will be shred to small pieces around 2-3cm. Then, shredded pieces go into hammer crusher which has high rotary speed in 1400r/m. Eddy vibrating screen can select out the bigger pieces and it will turn the shreder for secondary shredding. PCB boards can be crushed to powder which is thinner than 24 mesh. By this step, metals and resin fiber still mixed together. They will be separated in next steps.

PCB recycling machine PCB recycling machine and the separated metals non-metals

The powder be transferred by wind conveyor from rotary vibration screen to air separator for separation. Air separator can separate metals and non-metals by their different specific weight. Most of metals can be separated by this step. Rest metals still mixed with resin powder but with the use of electrostatic separator, metals and non-metals can be fully separated. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

The above are the PCB recycling machine working steps. If you have interests in PCB recycling machine, welcome to contact with us for quotation and detailed information.

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