How to start the electronic boards recycling business in Nigeria?

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How to start the electronic boards recycling business in Nigeria, which has become a question that many Nigerian customers want to ask, because the electronic boards recycling business is a very profitable business. Then how to start the electronic boards recycling business in Nigeria?

electronic boards recycling businessOld electronic boards

First of all, you need to confirm whether the supply of electronic boards is sufficient. In Nigeria, there are a lot of old electronic boards, which are cheap and easy to get. It's better to confirm firstly that how much old electronic boards you can collect every day, which determines the model and processing capacity of the electronic board recycling machine you need to purchase.

electronic boards recycling businessElectronic boards recycling plant

Secondly, you need to confirm whether there is a suitable land. Electronic boards recycling business occupies a relatively small area, including the area for storing raw materials, final products and electronic boards recycling machine, which is generally 200-500 square meters.

Third, you need to investigate the final products' market of electronic boards recycling business. During the process of recycling electronic boards, we firstly need to shred or crush the used electronic boards into small particles, then using air separator and electronic separator, we will obtain precious metals and resin fiber powder. The final products we obtained all have multiple applications and large markets.

electronic boards recycling businessFinal products' applications

Metals: Generally, the metals are sold for money directly, or they can be extracted gold or other precious metals, like copper, silver, palladium, cadmium, etc. for sale.

Resin fiber: Resin fiber can be used for wood-plastic products, ground painting, building bricks, resin tiles, etc. If they are ground to 300 mesh, they can also be used as a heat-proof and fire-proof materials.

electronic board recycling businessElectronic boards recycling machine

Finally, the most important thing of start electronic boards recycling business in Nigeria is to choose the electronic board recycling machine with good quality, high safety performance, cost-effective and after-sales guarantee. DOING is an electronic board recycling machine manufacturer with more than ten years of rich manufacturing experience. In addition, we also have branch offices and overseas warehouses in Nigeria and now we also plan to set up a factory in Nigeria, which will be more convenient to provide comprehensive services from suitable plant selection, installation to operation and after-sale guarantee.

If you have made the above preparations, then you can start this electronic boards recycling business. And if you want to purchase electronic boards recycling machine, or have any problems, welcome to contact us, or you can go to our Nigeria branch office to talk about the project with our colleagues face to face.

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