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Can mixed plastic be recycled and what products are made from recycled mixed plastic?

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Although many people know that metals in used household appliances, automobiles, electric cars, electric toys, etc. can be recycled, the waste plastics left are often discarded directly. In fact, the waste plastic separated from broken electrical appliances can be recycled and then the you could use the recycled plastic to manufacture other new products.

Mixed plastic separator machine can separate the mixed plastics by using the principle of air suspension. Such as PET/PVC mixture, ABS/PVC mixture, ABS/PS/sinking PP mixture, PC/PA mixture, ABS/PA mixture, ABS/PC mixture and mixed plastics of different components.

PET recycled frommixedplasticPET & PVC recycled from mixed plastic

The plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine is also relatively simple: Before the plastic mixture go into the high pressure electrostatic separation space, it will go through a special device to get the corresponding charge by self collision and friction. As the input size will make the big difference for the charge, the uniformity and weight of the feed stock also will affect the separation process. If the feed stock is in a very bad state with big differences, better to be screened into different sizes to get the high separation rate. For the feed stock with small differences, also can control the high separation rate by adjusting the separation pressure. As different material separation needs different pressure, it’s better to crush the input material into 10mm granules or pieces, thus to get the high separation rate.Such as ABS/PS/PP separation.

productsmadefromrecycledmixedplasticProducts made from recycled mixed plastic

May be you will ask, what products are made from recycled mixed plastic? In what industries can products made from recycled mixed plastics be used? Recycled PET is mainly used for fibers and a small amount for films and engineering plastics. PET fiber is mainly used in the textile industry. PET film is mainly used for electrical insulation materials, film base / base tape, vacuum metal to form a metal film. The use of PET also includes blow molding products, auto parts, machinery and equipment, etc; Recycled PVC can be used for decoration of interior wall and ceiling, is one of the most widely used decorative materials in plastic materials; The largest application areas of recycled ABS are automotive, electronic appliances and building materials; Recycled PS can be applied to the building materials industry and the automotive industry, etc.

After reading this article, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the separation of mixed plastics and products made from mixed plastic. If you are interested in the plastic recycling business, you can contact us at any time, our sales manager will provide you with a professional answer.

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