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What are the methods of mixed plastic recycling?

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Use the mixed plastic separator machine with electrostatic separation to separate the mixed metals is the newest and welcomed method to recycle the mixed plastic compared to the old methods of mixed plastic recycling such as gravity separation, fusion separation or solvent recycling.

In the daily life, after the metals are removed from the broken household appliances, cars, electric cars and electric toys ect, the scrap plastic will be left. However, most people don’t know the mixed plastic can be recycled and reused again, so most scrap plastic has been discarded. Actually, such as PET/PVC, ABS/ PS /submerged PP, PC/PA, ABS/PA, ABS/PC and other plastics in different groups, they are all can be recycled and separated, and then the you could use the plastic recycled to manufacture other new products or make granuleaccording to the plastic property.

However, the method of mixed plastic recycling should be proper, if these waste mixed plastic couldn’t be properly processed, it will not only cause a large loss of useful resources, but also it could do some harm to the environment and human health.

methods of mixed plastic recyclingMethods of mixed plastic recycling

For example, some people use the liquorto recycle the mixed plastic, because the gravity of the different plastic is different, but there are also some plastic which gravity is not much difference, so it’s difficult to separate by this method. And it will consumption some chemical liquor.

Another method of mixed plastic recycling is to use the fusion. Different plastics have different softening melting temperatures, so this method is working in this principle. But during this process, the biggest problem is that there will be bad smell produced, so this method is gradually abandoned now.

There are also some people use the solventto separate the mixed plastic according to the different property, but some plastic like thermosetting plastic generally do not swell or dissolve, so this method will be no work on it. So this method is not suitable for industrial recycling method of mixed plastic recycling.

mixed plastic separator machineMixed plastic separator machine

Therefore, we are constantly improving and after many times researches and practice, we have produced a new method of mixed plastic recycling to professionally process these mixed plastic. The process of our mixed plastic separator machine is mainly crushing, drying, frictionand electrostatic separation. [ Related recommend : plastic sorting technology of mixed plastic separator machine ] Different plastics have different chargeability, and the chargeability will enhance after friction, so the plastic can be separated by the electrostatic separator then. It’s totally an environmentally friendly machine, and can effectively recycle and separate the mixed plastic.

If you have read this far, you are interesred in newest methods of mixed plastic recycling, send us your needs, our sales manager will provide you with professional response according to your needs.

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