How can I recycle aluminum? What is the aluminum plastic recycling process?

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Various kinds of waste aluminum plastic materials are piled up like mountains in life, such as waste medical blister, aluminum plastic foil, aluminum plastic board, etc. But these waste contains valuable aluminum, we can take aluminum plastic separation recycling machine to recycle aluminum to change the “waste mountain “into “mine mountain”. This is not only beneficial to recycle waste resources, but also bring considerable profits from this business.

waste aluminum plastic metarialsWaste aluminum plastic materials

Then how to recycle aluminum from waste aluminum plastic? For Doing company’s aluminum plastic recycling machine, it adopts totally dry type and physical separation method to separate the aluminum and plastic from the aluminum plastic waste raw materials. The detailed aluminum plastic recycling process mainly includes crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen, electrostatic separation.

aluminum plastic recycling processWorking process of aluminum plastic recycling machine

First, crusher will crush the aluminum plastic waste. Second, the grinder will grind the crushed aluminum-plastic material into powder, and circulating cooling water is configured in the grinding process to avoid high temperature melting. Then the aluminum plastic powder is sieved with high precision through vibrating screen, and the larger aluminum plastic particles are sorted and returned for further grinding, the qualified aluminum plastic powder will enter for the next sorting. Finally, the electrostatic separation machine will separate the aluminum and plastic using the different electrical conductivity of metal and plastic.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

The separation rate of aluminum plastic separation recycling machine manufactured by Doing company can reach 99% and the separated aluminum and plastic have high purity, which helps to maximize the profit of aluminum plastic recycling business. And the whole aluminum plastic recycling process is equipped with pulse dust removal device, which can effectively avoid dust and ensure the safety and hygiene of the working environment.

If you also have various aluminum plastic waste to recycle, please contact with Doing Company! Our engineer team can adjust the equipment configuration plan and provide equipment customization services according to your processing raw materials!

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