Radiator/heat sink separator

I. Definition:

Radiator/heat sink separatorRadiator/heat sink separator

Radiator/heat sink separator is designed for processing radiators to get copper tubes and aluminum foil blocks. So it is also called stripping type radiator recycling machine.

II. Processing materials:

radiator/heat sink separatorVarious radiators

In general, it can process various radiators, like air conditioner radiators, car copper aluminum water tanks and so on. It can handle single-layer and double-layer copper and aluminum heat sinks with different copper tube spacings of 19mm, 21mm, and 25mm. But these radiators must be flat and intact.

III. Auxiliary equipment:

Radiator cutting machine is the auxiliary equipment of radiator/heat sink separator. It can cut the multi-layers radiators into one or two layers, and cut the super-wide radiators into the suitable size.

radiator/heat sink separatorRadiator/heat sink separator

IV. Working process:

The working process of radiator/heat sink separator is very easy. After pre-processing the radiators, the size of radiator will be suitable for radiator/heat sink separator. So just putting the radiators into this machine, you will get copper tubes and aluminum foil blocks.

V. Specification:

Capacity(Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power(Kw) Weight(Kg) Recovery Rate
1760*950*1350mm 7Kw 750Kg   ≥99%
2250*950*1350mm 7Kw 1250Kg

VI. Advantages:

radiator/heat sink separatorAdvantages of radiator/heat sink separator

1, High working efficiency - Because it has processing capacity of 300-400 kg/h and 500-600 kg/h, it can process a lot of radiators within a short time.

2, High recovery rate - The recovery rate can reach to 99%.

3, Low cost - It is very easy to operate, which only needs 1 or 2 workers to operate, so you will not spend much money on labor force; besides, it is very small, just needs a small land to install it, therefore you will save a lot of money on land cost.


Radiator/heat sink separator is one kind of hot-sale production of Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, almost every few days we will sell one. If you are interested in this machine, welcome to contact us.

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