India 2-3t/h radiator crushing separation machine running video

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This video shows the whole running video of 2-3t/h radiator crushing separation machine. We can see in the video that this radiator crushing separation machine covers a large area. And the configuration of radiator crushing separation machine is specially customized to handle large quantities of waste air conditioner radiators.

Our radiator crushing separation machine adopts PLC control system, which can automatically process waste radiators to separate copper, aluminum and iron. Only manual feeding is needed to complete the whole process. After crushing and separating process, the separation rate of copper and aluminum can reach 99%. However, this India customer wanted to maximize the sorting rate, so he hired workers to perform artificial screening after separating. By this way, the purity of copper and aluminum separated can reach 100 %, and they can be directly sold to the metal recycling market at a higher price.

Radiator crushing separation machineRadiator crushing separation machine

If you are interested in radiator recycling business and worried about the processing capacity? There is a good news. Doing Group can provide two kinds of radiator recycling machines. One is a radiator stripping machine with a processing capacity of 300-1000kg/h, and the other is a radiator crushing separation machine with a processing capacity of 500-3000t/h. You can choose one according to your types of radiators and budget.

Radiator recycling machinesRadiator recycling machines

Doing Company is a professional machinery manufacturer with over thirteen years experiences and we have own high qualified engineer team. Any requirements about radiator recycling machine, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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