Copper wire granulator machine project is put into production in Hunan, China

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On July 2022, DOING DY-400 copper wire granulator machine and a set of electrostatic separator is installed, through the commissioning, and put into production successfully in Hunan, China.

The Hunan customer do the waste wire recycling business for a long time. When hearing about using copper wire granulator machine to process waste wire can make more money, he found us. Through communication, our sales learned about he had large quantities of waste wires and his own workshop. Based on the amount of his raw materials, our sales recommended DY-400 copper wire granulator machine to him. DY-400 copper wire granulator machine is small scale waste wire recycling equipment, which can process 100-150kg waste wires per hour. Then our sales give Hunan customer a profit analysis table for learning about the project profit.

copper wire granulator machinecopper wire granulator machine

On March 15th 2022, Hunan customer bring his raw material came to our DOING Factory for testing the separation effect, and talked some details information about the equipment with our sales and engineer. Even though the price of DOING copper wire granulator machine is a little higher than that of other manufacturer, Hunan customer still choose sign the contract with DOING, because he believe our equipment quality is guaranteed. Besides, DOING Factory has many finished DY-400 copper wire granulator machine, which can be delivered soon.

On April 9th 2022, DY-400 copper wire granulator machine is loaded on the truck and will be sent to Hunan.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine loaded picture

On the end of April, Hunan customer contact our sales again and want to buy a set of electrostatic separator for processing finer waste wire, and improving separation rate. On May 20th, the electrostatic separator is delivered to Hunan.

electrostatic separatorElectrostatic separator loaded picture

After connecting the electrostatic separator and DY-400 copper wire granulator machine, Hunan customer use waste headphone wires to test the separation effect. The separation rate is very high, and he sent the video to our sales to watch, expressing his satisfaction.

Here, DOING is very glad to hear from the good news of copper wire granulator machine project from our Hunan customer. Hope our Hunan customer's business more and more prosperous.

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