What permits or licenses do I need to start a computer (E-waste) recycling company in India?

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India is a larger producer of e-waste. E-waste recycling is one of the most talked about areas, hence, there are a lot of e-waste recycling company in India. If we want to start an e-waste, like waste computer recycling company in India, well, we have to know that what permits or licenses are required? Today, let's talk about it.

1. PBG

PBGPBG pictures

PBG was previously known as the Building and Construction Permit (IMB), which was applied for before the construction of the building. Now, there is no requirement to apply PBG before the construction of the building. PBG need to file the layout and reliability of the building, and attach a design sample. Then the government will review the technical documents of the building, inspect the on-site and issue a building qualification certificate (SLF), then we have finished the application for PBG.

2. SLF

SLF is a certificate issued by the local government that certifies the functional feasibility of a building. SLF echoes PBG before and after. Simply put, from the SLF, you can know whether the construction of the building is conducive to the orderly management and technical reliability, so as to ensure the safety, health and convenience of the plant users.

3. Environmental permit document

environmental permitEIA report

Simply put, it is the EIA report, which is divided into the following types:

a. Statement of Competency to Manage and Monitor the Environment (SPPL)

b. Environmental Management - Environmental Monitoring Work (UKL-UPL)

c. Environmental Impact Analysis Report (Amdal)

In order to get environmental permit document, we need to maintain a clean working environment. Thus, an environmental protection e-waste recycling machine is essential.

e-waste recycling machineE-waste recycling machine

DOING e-waste recycling machine is working based on a totally environmental friendly way, which won't produce any pollution to the environment during the recycling process. Furthermore, we have assisted many customers to obtain the license for e-waste recycling company. So if you are thinking about this business too, and looking for an environmental protection machine, welcome to contact us soon!

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