What's the application of e-waste PCB recycling machine?

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E-waste PCB recycling machine is designed by Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, which is usually used to process waste circuit boards.

As for e-waste PCB recycling machine, it has two main applications.

Application 1: Destroy the data

There may be some personal information on electronic components of waste computer motherboards, cell phone boards. If we just throw these these waste circuit boards away, they maybe reveal our privacy. However, E-waste PCB recycling machine can process various waste circuit boards with electronic components. The equipped two crusher can crush waste circuit boards into small particles about 24 mesh, which can destroy the data completely.

e-waste PCB recycling machineApplication of e-waste PCB recycling machine

Application 2: Recycle & reuse

Waste circuit boards usually content 60% resin fiber and 40% metals, which are recyclable. E-waste recycling machine can separate precious metals from waste circuit boards, through shredding, crushing, sieving, air separation and electrostatic separation. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

The precious metals can be sold directly, or you can extract gold or copper from the mixed metals. As for resin fiber, it can be used as building brick, ground painting, wood-plastic products, or fire proof materials, etc.

e-waste PCB recycling machineFinal products uses

E-waste PCB recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method and electrostatic separation method, which won't damage the quality of metals and resin fiber, as well as pollute the environment. Therefore, the metals and resin fiber can be sold at a good price on the market.

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd’s e-waste PCB recycling machine have large processing capacity, which is range from 100kg/h to 4000kg/h (1ton to 40tons per day). If you have higher capacity, our engineer can customize suitable machine for you.

e-waste PCB recycling machineE-waste PCB recycling machine

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