How about circuit board recycling disposal project? Is it worth doing?

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The circuit board recycling disposal business is becoming more and more popular these two years. Many customers showed great interests in circuit board recycling disposal project but has doubt whether it is worth doing. In fact, regardless of whether it is from the perspective of national policies or profits analysis, circuit board recycling disposal project is worth investing in.

First of all, circuit board recycling disposal projects can effectively recycle waste circuit boards, computer motherboards, TV motherboards,and other electronic waste, reduce environmental pollution, and promote the scientific and rational use of resources. Therefore, many countries have issued relevant policies for the circuit board recycling and disposal projects to provide financial and tax support or fund subsidies. So circuit board recycling disposal project is really a potential business.

waste circuit boardsWaste circuit boards

Of course, what is the most important for the business man is the profit, whether the business is worth doing will depend on this. Today i will show you a detailed profit analysis about the circuit board recycling disposal project.

There are many kinds of circuit boards in the market. Today we will base on the motherboard of computer. As we all know, the PCB is made of metal and non-metal. Most PCB of computer’s metal content can reach 35%, and the 65% is resin. The mixed metal market price is about 14000USD/T and the resin is about 150USD/T. The raw material (PCB) we can get with 4700 USD/T. We can calculate the detailed profits the investors can obtain by processing circuit board per ton: 1T*35%*14000USD/T+1T*65%*150USD/T- 4700 USD=297.5$

circuit board recycling machineCircuit board recycling machine

If the investor process 500Kg circuit boards per hour, and the obtainable daily profit is 3570USD. After calculating, we can see there is much profit in the circuit board recycling disposal project. (The related data is just for reference, the special data is subject to local market.)

circuit board recycling project casesCircuit board recycling project cases

If you also want to invest in circuit board recycling disposal projects, welcome to contact Henan Doing Company to customize high quality circuit board recycling disposal machine at factory price. Doing has been specialized in e waste recycling machine more than ten years, our high qualified engineer team and dedicated manager can offer professional solutions to help you install circuit board recycling disposal project smoothly.

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