One set copper wire recycling machine has been delivered to Shandong Province!

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On October 30, 2021, a set of copper wire recycling machine ordered by Shandong customer has been successfully loaded and delivered to Shandong Province.

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

The copper wire recycling machine purchaser is the project manager of a large company in Shandong Province, and he is ready to put this set of copper wire recycling machine into the company's formal business development project. The main purpose of the customer purchasing this set of machine is to process the waste thin wires with a diameter of 1-2mm and recycle the plastic&copper so that they can be reused. The fineness of waste wires is very small and it has high requirements for the separation technology of copper wire recycling machine. Therefore, this customer values the strength of the manufacturer and the cost-effectiveness of the copper wire recycling machine when selecting it.

This Shandong customer carefully compared the details of copper wire recycling machine and after-sales service of multiple manufacturers, and finally selected DOING Company, which has professional technical team, good quality machine and has good after-sales service. In order to let customers put into production at ease, our dedicated sales manager conducted a machine test on the raw materials mailed by the customer and recorded the video feedback to Shandong customer. The separation rate of copper and plastic in the machine test experiment was as high as 99%. This customer was very satisfied and immediately ordered the set of copper wire recycling machine.

After a month, our technical team successfully completed the machine manufacturing, and it was sent to Shandong immediately after being verified by our company's quality inspection team. The copper wire recycling machine manufactured by Doing adopts one-type design, once main cables is connected, this set of machine can enter the working state.

Because recycling business is very popular now, if you also want to invest in this business, welcome to consult us for free quote! Our professional engineer team can customize you suitable scale copper wire recycling machine to help you maximize the recycling benefits!

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