What to do with old AC condenser?

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One thing that everyone should be aware of is that an AC condenser contains refrigerant. The problem with refrigerants is that they are considered hazardous. That's why you should properly recycle your old AC condensers. Well, how should we dispose of AC condenser properly? Keep reading!

old AC condensersOld AC condensers

Suggestions on What to Do with Old AC Condenser:

Not everyone is keen on keeping their old AC condensers in the garage until they rot. If you are among those looking for better ways to dispose of your worn out AC condenser, here are some suggestions:

1. Donate the old AC condenser

Even if your old AC condenser is faulty or no longer works, there will always be someone who may find it useful. The best thing about the donation is that you not only help a lot of other people but also have the chance to get a tax deduction.

2. Sell the old AC condenser

Selling is another way to do with old AC condenser is also an option. There are some small, specialized companies interested in buying and then refurbishing the used AC condenser to re-sell to similar facilities.

old ac condenserSell the old AC condenser

3. Recycle the old AC condenser

Except the above suggestions, there is one more option that you can consider to do with old AC condenser:recycle. Metals have always been the choice material for AC units. The air conditioner condenser usually contains of copper, aluminum and steel, which can be separated out and recycled into a new products, or reused in a new air conditioning. Recycling saves resources while also protecting the environment.

How used AC condenser are recycled?

To recycle AC condenser to separate copper and aluminum out, there are different ways for choosing:

a. Peeling copper and aluminum by hands

It is no need to invest more to use this method, but it is very difficult to process large quantities of waste AC condensers. And it can only to process single air conditioner condensers to get copper and aluminum. The efficiency is pretty low. So this method gradually is not use.

b. Using AC radiator recycling machine

ac radiator recycling machineAC radiator recycling machine

AC radiator recycling machine is used to do with old AC condensers, radiators, refrigerator crushed materials, etc., which adopts dry type physical method to process condensers into pure copper and aluminum. The separation rate of this machine is above 99%. The working process is as the following video shows:

After processing, we can get three final products: copper, aluminum and iron. Both of them can be sold directly or be sold after melting into ingots.

When it is time to do with old AC condenser, don't hesitate to call Henan Doing to get an AC radiator recycling machine. Our sales manager and engineer team will provide you professional service and suitable solution. Contact us now to choose the most suitable machine for you.

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