How to start e waste recycling business?

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With the development of economy, e waste recycling attracts big attention now all over the world. So more and more people who are interested to start e waste recycling business. But how to start this business? But don't be worried. Henan Doing Holdings Co., Ltd will make an introduction of e waste recycling business from 3 aspects: raw materials, suitable machine and selling market.

PCB board recycling machineE waste recycling business

As PCB board is the common e waste in our life, I will take the example for PCB board recycling to analysis.

1, Collect enough raw materials.

PCB board recycling machineCollect enough raw materials

For the home appliances, all of them have PCB board in it. When they are damaged, people usually throw them away directly. So you can get this e waste raw materials in some appliances dismantling factories, or waste collection stations, etc. Or you can even get raw materials from PCB producing factories. So the raw materials are easily to get. Raw materials are the basis to start e waste recycling business. If you can get enough raw materials, the e waste recycling business will be easy to start.

2, Purchase the suitable PCB board recycling machine.

PCB board recycling machinePurchase the suitable PCB board recycling machine

After getting raw materials, the next what you should to consider is how to dispose them. There are many ways to process them, but the best way maybe is using PCB board recycling machine to dispose. Because the PCB board recycling machine is designed for processing e waste, just through shredding, crushing and separation, the metals will be extracted from non-metals. The working efficiency is very high. And the machine is working based on a totally dry type and physical separation, with no fire, no chemicals, no water. It is an environmental friendly machine. The most important point is its high separation rate. The separation rate can be reach to 99%.

3, Confirm the selling market.

PCB board recycling machineConfirm the selling market

The final purpose to start e waste business is to get profit from metals. So the selling market of metals will also affect the business. If the selling market is prosper, the profit will be large; if the selling market is depression, the profit will be little. So before starting e waste business, selling market is also one factors to be considered.

Anyway, e waste recycling business is really a trend these years, so if you also have interest to start the e waste recycling business now, please feel free to contact us to have a further discussion then!

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