Where can I find scrap copper cable wire for recycling?

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Scrap copper cable wire recycling business is really hot among waste recycling business area, which has attracted a lot of people to engage in it. But for some people who are new to this part, how to find scrap copper cable wires is a difficult problem. So today, Henan Doing Company, who has helped many people to start copper cable wire recycling business, will give you some suggestion.

1. Home appliance recycling centers: As we can see in our life, almost all home appliances have wires inside, such as computers, TVs, refrigerator, etc. After dismantling, home appliances recycling center may sell these dismantled scrap cable wires by weight. You can check your local government website or call your local waste management department to find the nearest home appliance recycling center to collect scrap copper cable wires.

copper cable wire recycling machineCar wirings

2. Car dismantling center: Except the home appliance, automobiles, motorcycles, electric vehicles, etc. also contain a lot of copper cable wires, among which the copper content of automobile wires is relatively high, which can reach 55-60%. Therefore, you can also find scrap copper cable wire from the car dismantling center.

3. Junkyards or scrap metal yards: Actually, junkyards or scrap metal yards is also a good place to find scrap copper cable wire. They often buy, sell, and recycle different types copper cable wires. But as for cable wires with different copper content, the cost will be different too. You can go to the local market to learn about it.

copper cable wire recycling machineMetal supplier

4. Local metal shops or metal suppliers: The local metal shops or metal suppliers is also may sell scrap copper cable wire. You can contact your nearest metal shop or supplier to inquire about buying scrap copper wires. Many metal shops have their recycling program, and may offer discounts for copper wire.

copper cable wire recycling machineCraigslist

5. Online Classifieds: Besides the above ways to find scrap copper cable wires, you can also check online classifieds websites, such as Craigslist, eBay or Facebook Marketplace, for people selling or giving away scrap copper cable wire.

In addition, construction sites or renovation site, electrical contractors and cable wire manufacturing factory may also have leftover copper cable wires for sale or give away.

copper cable wire recycling machineCopper cable wire recycling machine

After collecting scrap copper cable wire, you can process these scrap copper cable wire by using copper cable wire recycling machine, which is mainly designed for processing scrap copper cable wires. It adopts dry type physical separation method to separate pure copper from plastic in an environmental protection way, through shredding, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation.

copper cable wire recycling machineUse of separated copper and plastic

The separate copper has wide application on the metal trading market. It can be used as raw materials instead of electrolytic copper to manufacture metallurgical products, copper foil and copper clad laminates. It also can be granulated into new copper cable wires.

If you are interest in scrap copper cable wire recycling business and need copper cable wire recycling machine, welcome to contact our DOING Company, who has been in the machine manufacturing area for more than 12 years, for more machine information here!

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