Copper cable recycle machine

 Copper cable recycle machine  introduction

copper wire recycling equipment
 Copper cable recycle machine
1. Copper cable recycle machine is used to recycle scrap wires such as all kinds of wasted communication cables, electrical cables, car cables, etc. It can turn the wasted copper wires into valuable resource of high purify, such as copper, plastic, etc.
2. Copper cable recycle machineuses integral construction, so the customers can produce as long as they switch on the power source. Send the cables into the pulverizer, they are crushed into fine particles. Then separate the clean, high-purify copper and plastic through airflow vibration. It is a small modular system that offers flexible solutions according to your required production capacity.
3.According to different structure and models, copper cable recycle machine can be divided into two types: dry type copper wire recycling machine and wet type copper recycling machine.

 Copper cable recycle machine  benefits
scrap copper wire recycling equipment
  Copper cable recycle machine

1.High product purify: the copper purify produced by  Copper cable recycle machine can be up to 99.5%. Regrinding makes sure that the copper and the plastic are separated completely.
2. High automatic degree, energy saving, environmental protection.
3. Suitable for almost all kinds of cables.
4. Adapt to bad working environment, long service life.
5. Good environmental benefit: it is equipped with advanced dust removal system. No dust, no secondary pollution.

 Copper cable recycle machine raw material

copper wire recycling
 Copper cable recycle machine can disposal  raw material
 Copper cable recycle machine  work steps
wire recycling equipment
 Copper cable recycle machine work steps



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