Waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine

For the pharmaceutical blisters, I believe we are not unfamiliar, and we often see it in our life. Waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine can be used to recycle waste pharmaceutical blisters and separate aluminum and plastic from them to make money.

Because it is belongs to niche industry, maybe many people do not understand how is the separation process of pharmaceutical blisters recycling. Let DOING explain it to you.

waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machineWaste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine

First, if you want to use waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine to process waste pharmaceutical blisters, you should have enough raw materials, more than 1.5 tons per day, because the smallest processing capacity of our DOING waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine is 200-300kg/h.

Then, the working process of waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine is shredding, crushing, screening and electrostatic separation. Next is the 3D animation of DOING waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine. You can watch it for learning about the details.

1.Crush the waste aluminum plastic composite materials into small particles with crusher.

2. Grind the particles into powder with grinder.

3. Use an eddy-vibrating screen to control the size of powder. If the size is big, they will go back to grinder to be ground again.

4. Use an electrostatic separator to separate small size aluminum and plastic powder.

5. During whole process, pulse dust collector will collect the dust.

After separation, you can get pure aluminum and plastic, which can both be sold as a good price. As for the usage of aluminum and plastic, you can see this picture.

waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machineFinal product usage

To recycle waste pharmaceutical blisters not only can solve the treatment problem of waste pharmaceutical blisters, but also can realize the dream of making money. And DOING waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine also can be used to separate aluminum plastic panel, aluminum plastic foil, etc. There is a good economic gain to truly turn waste into treasure.

So far, DOING waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine has exported to many countries, such as India, Egypt, Indonesia, Poland, Tialand, South Korea, Australia, Columbia, Pakistan, etc.

If you want to learn about the information of waste pharmaceutical blisters recycling machine, please feel free to contact with our Doing Company. We will do the best to help you.

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