What equipment is needed for circuit board recycling business?

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Circuit board recycling business is a new business in recent years. More and more people has began to realize its development potential. Some country’ s governments have also give their economic support in E-waste recycling business. Each PCB board consists about 40% metals mixture. They can be used to make new product. Then we can get profit from these metals mixture. But how do we get the metals mixture? That' s a problem. In this article, I will introduce a circuit board recycling machine, called PCB board recycling machine.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

PCB board recycling machine is also called E-waste recycling machine, which is specially designed for separating and recycling precious metals and non-metals from scrap PCB boards. It has many advantages, like low cost, non-pollution, small footprint, high separation rate and easy to operate.

PCB board recycling machineProcess of PCB board recycling machine

During PCB recycling process, PCB board should be firstly shredded into small pieces, because they are too big to deal with. Then to be crushed into powder, and sieving the powder by eddy-vibrating screen. The last step is separated through air separation and electrostatic separation. Then you will get metals and non-metals. But before the whole processing, PCB dismantling machine should be used firstly. The electronic components on the board will effect the working efficiency and separation rate of PCB board recycling machine.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

With the development of E-waste recycling business, PCB board recycling machine has come into people’ s view gradually. If you interest in it, and want to know more information about the machine. You can contact us. Doing company has specialized in waste recycling machinery morn than ten years, and we will give you our best support.

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