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The introduction of recycling aluminum plastic composite materials process

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Waste aluminum plastic composite materials can be seen in our daily life. Some people choose to sell the waste aluminum plastic composite materials to the recycler for cash. But do you curious about that how does recycler process aluminum plastic composite materials?

In fact, most of recyclers choose aluminum plastic recycling machine to help them to process aluminum plastic composite materials. Because the aluminum plastic recycling machine adopts dry type physical separation method, which won't generate waste water, gas or toxic chemical. It is an environmental friendly machine. Moreover, the separated aluminum has good quality and high purity, which can bring considerable economic benefit to them.

aluminum plastic recyclinig machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

The aluminum plastic recycling machine of Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most commonly used machine. It uses the principle of crushing and separating to separate aluminum and plastic, with the high separation rate and good quality. The specific process of recycling aluminum plastic composite materials as follows:

1. Crushing

Using a crusher to crush the aluminum plastic composite materials into small particles.

2. Grinding

Using a grinding mill to grind these small particles into powder.

During grinding, the grinding mill will generate high temperature, which will lead to melting and scorching of aluminum and plastic and affect the separation result. So a circulation cooling system will be equipped to reduce the temperature of grinding mill and promotion the separation rate.

aluminum plastic recycling machineProcess of aluminum plastic recycling machine

3. Sieving

Using a eddy-vibrating screen to screen the bigger particles. The eddy-vibrating screen will send them back to the grinding mill to get further crushed. Those smaller particle will through the screen directly to the next step.

4. Electrostatic separation

Using an electrostatic separator to separate aluminum and plastic according to their different conductivity in the magnetic field. The separation rate is as high as 99%.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

Using aluminum plastic recycling machine to recycle aluminum from aluminum plastic composite materials will not only protect the environment, but also bring economic benefit. So if you own huge amount of waste aluminum plastic materials, don't sell them directly anymore, hurry up and start recycling with the aluminum plastic recycling machine!

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