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Copper wire recycling machine working process

copper wire recycling machine
Copper wire recycling machine

Due to its high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, it is suitable for motors and wires, pipe devices, heating elements and electronic devices. The global demand for copper is still very large. The data shows that the cost of extracting new copper resources is much higher than that of recycled copper. Therefore, the recycling of used copper can bring huge economic benefits to us. From the perspective of environmental protection, the recycling of scrap copper is also a meaningful part things of our living environment.  The DoingGroup's copper wire recycling machine is the use of copper and plastic separation machinery scrap copper crushing, the recovery process involves several key steps, the understanding process may encourage people to maximize recycling.

 Copper wire recycling machine specific working process:

copper wire recycling
Copper wire recycling machine working process

The first step: Collect

Collecting copper is the first step in recycling. Can collect a variety of waste miscellaneous lines, scrap copper-plastic line, and other copper-containing waste line.

The second step: Broken

The recycled scrap copper wire was put into the DoingGroup's cable recycling equipment. After the process of crushing,take off  iron, and broken up, the scrap copper wire was processed into a grain size, which was also called a copper-rice machine.

The third step: Sorting

The copper and plastic broken into the size of the rice are sorted according to the specific gravity and separated from the electrostatic separation process. This is a completely dry physical separation, and the entire process avoids the traditional “fired copper” and “gouache”. "Washing copper" is an environmentally unfriendly way of recycling. Double recycling of plastics and metals.

The fourth step: Dust collector

Dust on the copper wire cables will be collected by the pulse device and discharged automatically.
copper wire recycling

 Copper wire recycling machine technical parameter

Item Model Capacity(Kg/h) Power(Kw) Size(m)(L*W*H) Weight(T)
1 DY-C-100 100-150 27.5 2.90*2.35*3.50 2.0
2 DY-C-300 200-300 60.2 4.95*2.35*3.50 2.2
3 DY-C-500 300-500 67.0 7.35*2.35*4.10 4.2
4 DY-C-800 600-800 80.5 8.85*2.35*4.10 4.5
5 DY-C-1000 800-1000 82.0 10.85*3.80*4.10 5.5

Since the properties and functions of copper do not change with continuous processing, it can be used repeatedly without changing its performance. These properties make recycling copper very advantageous, and the copper wire recycling machine and industry is very profitable and prosperous!!

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