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Scrap copper wire recycling machine for sale

scrap copper recycling
Scrap copper wire recycling 

DoingGroup adheres to the principle of environmental protection and energy saving, and produces and manufactures environmentally-friendly copper wire recycling machine, recycling old waste wires, scrap copper-plastic wires, copper-plastic composite wires, aluminum-plastic wires and sheath wires. Specifically, it is a mechanism for separating scrap copper wire and separating copper from plastic.
Copper wire recycling machine process flow:
scrap copper recycling machien working process
1. The crushing process
The scrap copper wire/cable is put into a crusher and ground into a granular mixture for further processing.
2. Conveying and collecting dust
After pulverization, the pulverized material (mixture of copper and plastic) is transported to the separator. During this process, plastic particles (including fibers, ropes or dust, etc.) are removed by the detergent.
3. Separation and collection process
Vibratory separator consists of sub-plates, amplitude adjustment devices, speed motor and other components. The mixed material will be transported to the vibration device. The vibratory separator's copper is completely free of plastic copper.
Copper wire recycling machine features:
scrap wire copper recycling machine
1. The waste wire material can be a telephone line, a household electric wire, a car wire and cable, and the diameter should be 0.5-25 mm.
2. Only 1-2 workers need to operate, save labor, occupy less land, and invest less
3. Combine multiple processes into one process. The entire process is controlled by PLC, including crushing, conveying, dust collection, and separation. It can recover copper particles and PVC plastic.
4. The copper wire recycling machine can finally separate the copper particles from the plastic by winding separation and vibration separation. The purity of copper can reach 99.9%
5. No water, no dust, and no environmental pollution during the entire process.
Before delivery, all our equipment will imitate the real production environment and use the material tests that customers need to deal with to ensure that the performance and production of the production line meet the customer's requirements. We sincerely invite customers to come to the site for final testing.

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