Is there automated system to recycle PCBs? How does it work?

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Do you want to recycling waste PCBs? There is automated system to recycle PCBs manufactured by DOING Company, which has not only high separation rate, but also no pollution.

PCBs recycling automated systemPCBs recycling automated system

DOING PCBs recycling automated system is fully automatic machine which can process and recycle PCBs to get metals. PCBs recycling automated system adopts new dry type crushing and separation technology, which makes sure that the whole working process is safe, high efficiency and no pollution.

How does the PCBs recycling automated system work?

The whole working process of DOING PCBs recycling automated system includes shredding, crushing, sieving, air separation and electrostatic separation.

1. One worker puts scrap PCBs on the belt conveyor, and it will be conveyed in to shredder.

2. Shredder and crusher will crush scrap PCBs into 4mm pieces.

3. Eddy-vibrating screen will control the size of crushed PCBs pieces.

4. Air separator will separate metals from resin fiber. The separation rate of air separator can reach to 97-98%.

5. Electrostatic separator will separate thin metals from resin fiber. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

During the whole process, it only needs one worker to put waste PCBs on belt conveyor and also check the machine running. Besides, DOING PCBs recycling automated system is equipped with cyclone dust collector and pulse dust collector with air compressor, with better effect of dust removal. Because cyclone dust collector can collect most of big particles dust and pulse dust collector can collect very thin dust even below 0.4Nano.

PCBs recycling automated systemPulse dust collector

If you also learn about the PCBs recycling automated system of other manufacturers, you can compare the machines. Our dust collector is with air compressor, which doesn't need to clean by workers, only need need to press lightly to automatically clean the dust. This is really totally automated system for recycling waste PCBs, isn't it?

So far, DOING PCBs recycling automated system has helped many customers to start the PCBs recycling business in their own countries, such as India, Russia, Bangladesh, etc. And in China, there also are many PCBs recycling project cases which have been put into production. Among them, one is the project of Beijing Military Region for destroying the PCB boards.

PCBs recycling automated systemProject cases

If you want to start the waste PCBs recycling business in your country, you can contact us for more detailed information and the equipment purchasing solution.

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