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How to recycle scrap AC radiator?

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Nowadays, because the price of copper and aluminum is pretty high, as well as the content of copper and aluminum in radiator is high, more and more people want to join in radiator recycling business to get profit. But how to recycle scrap AC radiator?

radiator recycling machinerecycle copper from AC radiator

Our Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a company, who is professional in scrap AC radiator recycling machine. We have two kinds of radiator recycling machine. One is stripping type radiator recycling machine, and the other is radiator crushing and separating machine.

stripping type radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

Stripping type radiator recycling machine is a small scale machine. It can process undeformed and flat radiators. It is very easy to operate, jut putting the AC radiator into the stripping type radiator recycling machine, you will get copper tubes and aluminum foils. However, it has a limit. It can only process the radiator in size of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. So before using this machine, the radiator need to be processed first by radiator cutting machine to cut them into the suitable size.

radiator crushing and separating machineRadiator crushing and separating machine

For radiator crushing and separating machine, it is a large-scale machine, including shredding, crushing, and separation. The first step shredding is to make the radiator into small pieces. Then the crusher will crusher these pieces into smaller pieces. After the shredding and crushing, these pieces will be sent to the negative pressure baffling separator. This separator will separate the light aluminum firstly. The last air separator will separate the copper and heavier aluminum easily. The working efficiency is pretty high. Besides, it is very easy to operate. The machine is equipped with PLC control system, just need 1-2 workers, one person is charged in feeding, and the other is responsible for collecting the finished copper and aluminum.

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

Different requirement will use different machine. If you are the first time to start radiator recycling business, you can choose stripping type radiator recycling machine. If you can collect more scrap radiators, you can choose the bigger machine -- radiator crushing and separating machine. About machine, if you have any questions, you can contact with us, our sales manager will give you more professional advice about machine.

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