Investment-profit analysis of copper wire granulator machine

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We all know that the copper wire granulator is designed according to various wires and cables. The main profit of the copper wire granulator machine is the recycling of copper and plastic from waste cables and wires. But what is the exact investment-profit of the copper wire granulator machine? DOING will make the Investment-profit analysis of copper wire granulator machine for you.

copper wire granulator machineCopper wire granulator machine

Processed by the copper wire granulator machine, copper and plastic are completely separated. The price ofonly the plastic we get is more than 557 USD/Ton. The price of copper metal is determined according to the purity, usually no less than 7620 USD/Ton.

Generally speaking, every ton of waste scrap wire contains about 40% copper, like copper market price is about 7620USD per ton, and the separation rate is 40%, then the profit value is 3048USD from per ton scrap cable wires. From these numbers, you could see how is the profit the copper wire recycling machine could bring you.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPrice Input costTotal cost
1Scrap car wires500kg/h * 8h = 4TUSD3355 / tonUSD13420USD13522
2Power consumption65Kw/H * 8H = 520KwHUSD0.1/ KWHUSD52
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Copper4T *55%= 2.2TUSD9422/ tonUSD20728.4USD 20953.4
2Plastic1.8TUSD125/ tonUSD225
Daily Profit = USD 20953.4– USD 13522 = USD 7431.4

Tips: The data in the above table is for reference only. You can use the items in the table to calculate the profit based on the data you know.

And the copper recycling rate of DOING copper wire granulator machine is no less than 99%, which can guarantee the quality of copper quality. Compared with other manufacturers of copper wire granulator machine, the efficiency of DOING copper wire granulator machine is at least 30% higher, and the copper produced has high purity and high selling price, and the user is more easy to recycle.

copper wire granulator machineAdvantages of copper wire granulator machine

From the above we can see that there is a lot of profit in the copper wire granulator machine and it is worth investing. DOING company adheres to the service concept of “customer first, excellence”. DOING Company is a copper wire granulator machine manufacturer integrating R&D, production and manufacturing. We developed a new generation of copper wire granulator machine according to market demand.Customers who want to purchase copper wire granulator machine should consult at first, we’ll provide you the best solution. Welcome to contact us!

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