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PCB board recycling plant

pcb recycling plant
PCB board recycling plant

 PCB board recycling plant  is mainly used for the separation of waste circuit boards, CCL, circuit boards and other materials in scrap metal and nonmetal. The successful development of the aircraft will not only improve the quality of recycled copper, but also to prevent secondary pollution. The production line for pcb board recycling plant take secondary crushing, making it the metal and resin fiber powder mixture; then sorting the metal and resin separation process route through wind and static electricity. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, the backward flow sorting process by applying a pulse dust collector, effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

PCB board recycling plant characteristic:

1, Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, low noise.
2, PLC control complete production lines evenly feed, coordinated operation.
3, Three-stage crushing, the processing capacity per hour 1200kg.
pcb plant
                       PCB board recycling plant

4, The grinding chamber by circulating water temperature control and noise reduction.
5, Afull production line using vacuum feed effectively reduce dust overflow.
6, Back to the material system the grinding more efficient.
7, Air separation equipment sorting rate of 97 to 99%
8, Pulse dust equipment efficiency as high as 99.99%.
9, High-voltage electrostatic separator make sorting more sophisticated and more efficient, effective control of non-ferrous metal loss.
10, Full production line bridge and guardrail height settings, easy maintenance personnel of the equipment for real-time monitoring and maintenance.
11, Smashing equipment hydraulic system set up to facilitate the replacement of wearing parts, improve work efficiency.

PCB board recycling plant raw material

pcb recycling plant
PCB board recycling plant can dispoal this raw material

Process flow diagram  of  PCB board recycling plant
pcb recycling plant
pcb plant
PCB board recycling plant final product


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