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Printed circuit board recycling methods

There are many printed circuit board recycling methods, the best way is to choose an efficient method with green technology which would not generate secondary waste or pollution to the environment, also could make fully recovery of the printed circuit board.

The printed circuit board is a mixture of resin fiber and various metals, which is a typical electronic waste. And if the e-waste couldn’t be properly processed, it will not only cause a large loss of useful resources, but also the chromium and brominated flame retardants contained in it will do serious harm to the environment and human health. So the proper printed circuit board recycling methods are necessary.

printed circuit board recyclingWaste printed circuit boards

For example, some people choose to burn the printed circuit board directly, which can cause a lot of pollution to the air and also can damage the metal properties in the board. This is a very not supported way of the printed circuit board recycling methods.

printed circuit board recyclingPrinted circuit board burning

Another treatment of printed circuit board recycling methods is to use chemical process, which will use strong acid dissolution method to remove other components and finally leave the precious metals. However, this process is more polluting to the soil and environment, and these resources couldn’t be fully utilized either.

Therefore, we are constantly improving and after many times researches and practice, we have produced a new generation of printed circuit board recycling methods to professionally recycle these waste printed circuit boards. The process from crushing, separation to dust removal is adopted the advanced dry type physical process to effectively solve the problem of the resources waste. Furthermore the waste printed circuit board recycling machine could protect the environment while recycling the metals. It’s totally an environmentally friendly machine. The waste circuit board recycling machine could eventually separate metals from non-metals, and the metal recovery rate could be reaching to above 99%.

printed circuit board recycling methodsWaste circuit board recycling machine

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