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How to recycle pill blister packs in Australia?

Pill blister packs in Australia could be recycled through a separation process to get aluminum and plastic separated and for making new aluminum and plastic products again.

Since China enacted the ban for the waste importation from abroad, Australia as one waste exportation country on the list is caught in a crisis for waste recycling. In Australia, there is 50% recoverable waste and 99% exportation garbage have nowhere to go. Now Australia government spend about 63 Australian dollars on the landfill for every one ton garbage. Look from every year cost on the waste circular disposal, the cost is about 0.6 billion Australian dollars. Among every 200 tons importation garbage produced per day in Australia, there is about 10% metal composite waste. Pill blister packs as one of the metal composite waste is waiting to get a proper way to be recycled.

pill blister packs in AustraliaPiles of pill blister packs in Australia

Doing Company as one professional supplier in China specialized in waste recycling machinery, has a green technology for recycling the pill blister packs – the aluminum plastic separation machine. As we all know that pill blister packs is mainly made of aluminum and plastic. So, only if we could separate the aluminum and plastic, then the pure aluminum and plastic could be recycled for making new products. And based on pollution-free consideration, we focus on the physical mechanical separation process. For separating aluminum and plastic from the pill blister packs, we use crushing, grinding and electrostatic separation process to get at least 98% purity aluminum and plastic which is acceptable to the industry. From this process, waste pill blister packs could be all recycled to usable aluminum and plastic without secondary pollution and waste, which would be the best way to recycle the pill blister packs in Australia.

pill blister packs recyckling Aluminum plastic separation machine installed in Australia

To solve the waste problem in Australia, a proper waste recycling technology is necessary.


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