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PCB recycling process steps?

Date:Feb 28, 2018/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
pcb recycling plant
PCB recycling process plant
PCB recycling process plant is for processing the waste circuit boards generated from all kinds of electric appliances for recycle use. From the pcb recycling process plant , you can get clean copper and resin powder for making new products.

PCB recycling process plant can help you get metals, resin powder and fiber powder from used Printed Circuit boards. Such as, waste computer boards, waste cell phone boards, waste TV boards, pcb scrap etc.
pcb recycling process plant
PCB recycling process plant working process
Because of the special physical characteristics of E-waste circuit boards, our PCB recycling process plant are adopt the dry-type grinding and separating technique to recycle and reuse. The printed circuit boards will be separated into metal powder and resin fiber powder. First, the waste circuit boards will be crushed into small pieces, then will be grinded into the powder mixture of metal and resin fiber. The mixture will be completely separated via pulse air flow separation to get 97% mixed metal powder, Finally, the rest mixture powder will go into the high voltage electrostatic separator, the purity can be up to 99.9%, and the impulse dust catcher is approached to efficiently prevent the dust pollution. Because of the high value of the metals, fiber and resin, there is no doubt that this series plants not only help to change waste to treasure, but also bring great economic benefits.Through years of practice and theoretical analysis, we obtain the best separation result, the separating purity can be reached to 99%.

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