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How to recycle copper ?

Date:Jan 04, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
copper recycle plant
Copper recycle plant
Copper recycle plant is to separate and recycle copper and plastic through mechanical segmenting method .It can applies for all type of cables, such as : communication cable, mixed cables,automotive cables,with high recovery rate,easy for operation and auto control system .Its capacity can be adjusted according to customer’s higher demand .
Copper recovery rate can reach 99.9% .Automatical system is also available to achieve less labor cost .The capacity of this cable recycling system is range from 500kg-5000kg per hour.
How to recycle copper ?
copper recycle plant
Copper recycle plant working process
First ,we put the waste copper wire into the copper recycle plant ,waste copper wire cable is cut into granules first, during this process, copper and plastic is separated but mixed together, then the granules are sent to vibration device for separation, through wind blow and vibration, the copper and plasticis are separated, then pure copper comes out fromone side and pure plastic comes out from the other side, we collect the separated pure copper and plastic.

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