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What about the benefits of recycling copper?

Date:Jan 11, 2017/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support
copper stripper machine
Copper wire strippers
Copper wire strippers  is separating the scrap wire to Copper particles and plastic. Because the final products are similar to rice particles, so this copper wire strippers is also called copper wire granulator.

(1). Economic effect:
Save cost, this machine can provide above 99.9% waste wire recovery rate, thus, more wire can be produced from limited resource with lower cost.
(2). Environmental effect:
Nopollution, with strict process on pulverizing andseparating, the dust can be collected effectively.
Compared with burning, this is better to environment.
(3). Profit - Final Products Usage
Metal Materials: sale directly, Nonmetal Materials: sale for other use.
This system could deal with waste tailing pollution , separate non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, aluminum cans  etc from the waste tailing.

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