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What about the advantage of copper wire crusher machine?

Date:Dec 29, 2016/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Technical support

copper wire crusher machine

Copper wire crusher machine


Copper wire is largely used these days and will still be used for a long time in the future. Maybe most of us don’t know what the reasons are. Here let’s summarize its advantages together.

1.Very good conductivity and lower price. Silver has 15.86ρ/ nΩ·m and Copper is 16.78ρ/ nΩ·m. Though silver has the best conductivity over all other metals, its price is much higher than copper. It is uneconomical and unsafe to use it as common wire.

2.Rather higher melting point. You don’t have to overanxious about a fire starting resulted from overload or surge problem, for it won’t burn so easily. This advantage makes it a very safe choice in your daily usage.

3.Excellent Extensibility. This allows it to be bent easily and satisfies your needs for wiring around different things in your house and makes job done conveniently. Besides, Due to this property, copper wire can be made into very fine wire, which adds to its versatility.

4.Easy to be connected. This means you can connect wire with different length together. Even if a break happens during usage, we can make them connected without difficulty, which will save our time and money in some degree.

5.Avoids incompatibility. Copper wire is so popular nowadays. Almost all of our appliances and electrical equipment contain it, if you use other materials for your wire, it may cause galvanic action and lead to serious problems.

6.Easy to recycle. Though it is widely spread around the world, its deposits is limited. Besides, it is a kind of non-renewable resource. What could we do with it? Yeah, recycle. Copper wire can be stripped by wire stripping machines and you get copper core. By cable granulators, miscellaneous cable and wires can be recycled into copper core. All these will largely benefit our daily life and production.
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