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1.Waste aluminum plates recycling machine introduction
waste aluminum recycling machine
waste aluminum plate recycling machine
Waste aluminum plates recycling machine  is our independent research new equipment. It is a kind of Eco-friendly machine and solve the problem of more and more electronic wastes nowadays. It will turn the waste into fortune and create huge profit for you.
It can be widely used for separating various aluminum panels, waste aluminum plastic food bags, milk bags, toothpaste tubes, yogurt foil sealing lids, pharmaceutical blister foil, electrical circuit board, etc

2.Waste aluminum plates recycling machine feature
waste aluminum recycling machine
Waste aluminum plates recycling machine

1.) Physical methods was adopted ,to separate metal from plastic .
2.) No any pollution ,do not need water or any chemical reagent .
3.) High efficiency ,low consumption ,saving power consumption than traditional methods.
(4) machinery life for half a permanent, only replace the attachment debilitating

(5) than other countries production machinery more cost-effective and performance is more excellent (can do it again fine wires can also separation).

3.Waste aluminum plates recycling machine application

Waste aluminum plates recycling machine is not only widely applied on separating tungsten, the tin, the tantalum niobium and other rare metals and the noble metal ore. Also widely used in separation for Gold, Silver, Tin, Columbium, Tantalum, Titanium, Barium, Tungsten, Iron, Chrome, Manganese, Zircon, Lead, Zinc, Mercury, Copper, Aluminum, etc. The shaker effective recycling granularity scope is 2-0.037 millimeters.
waste aluminum recycling machine
waste aluminum raw material


4.Waste aluminum plates recycling machine final product
waste aluminum recycling machine
Aluminum particles