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Stripping Type Radiator Separator Machine

Stripping type radiator separator machine is a kind of single unit integrated design radiator recycling machine to separate aluminum from copper tubes of waste radiators. One radiator separator machine is applicable to process both single and double layers radiators with different spaces between copper tubes of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm.

radiator separatorStripping type radiator separator machine

Scope of Application:

This radiator separator machine is applicable to process waste radiators generated from waste air conditioners, cars and other electric appliances. In order to achieve the good separation, it requires the waste radiators are undamaged and deformed.

radiator separatorWaste radiator recycling to aluminum and copper


General Model Capacity External dimension Power Weight Separation Rate
DY-850 500-600kg/h 1700*1000*1100mm 5.5kw 750kg 99.9%
DY-1200 800-1000kg/h 2100*1150*1100mm 7.5kw 1250kg

Main Features:

1. This stripping type radiator separator machine could separate whole copper tubes from aluminum coating of waste radiators, also keep aluminum in block pieces, easy to collect and sell.

2. This radiator separator machine is applicable to both single and double layers waste radiators with different space sizes between the copper tubes.

3. Easy to operate with safety control, once the worker or any part of the body reach to the setting position or distance to the feeding inlet, the machine would stop working automatically.


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