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Mixed plastic material separator for sale

mixed plastic material separator
Mixed plastic material separator

The plastic sorting machine is a sorting device that uses the principle of air suspension to separate the mixed powdery material into light and heavy parts.
Application scope:
Applicable to the removal of metal from various appliances after the removal of metal, crushing plastics, automotive electric vehicles, crushing plastics, electric toys, and other mixed plastic materials after crushing, such as PET/PVC, ABS/PS/Submerged PP, PC/PA, ABS/PA, ABS/PC and other components of plastic.
Structural features:
1. This equipment is a complete set of pipeline layout, through the use of PLC automation programming and man-machine interface operation screen control: the intermediate transfer and lifting link with the sorting host reasonable connection, automatic transmission and automatic discharge of the purpose, save labor and easy operation.
2. High separation purity, the highest sorting purity can reach more than 99%.
3. Physical sorting, energy saving and environmental protection, no emission of any three wastes.


Diameter of roller (mm)

Speed of drum (r/min)

High electrostatic voltage (v)

Power (kw)

External dimension (mm)

Weight (kg)
SY-1200 Ф325 0-200 0-120000 2.5 2100*2250*3260 2650
SY-1500 3.2 2450*2250*3680 2860
SY-1800 4.5 2850*2250*4250 2950

plastic separator
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mixed plastic
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mixed plastic separator
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